Home Staging does not have to be overwhelming or intimidating.  Upstage Interiors will work along side you to create welcoming and desirable spaces.  If you are not "hands on" we can do it all for you.

When a professionally staged home hits the market, it stands out and it makes buyers want to move quickly.  I will assess the interior and exterior of your home, offer recommendations on improvements that bring out the best features of your home with a detailed report in order to prepare your home to go on the market .  With additional "hands on" staging services, I will come in and create luxurious and desired spaces to prepare your home to sell. We will prepare your home to  get your MSL"money" shot listing ready, creating the most views over the competition and ultimately selling your home as quick as possible.  

WALK THROUGH CONSULTATION:   This entails 1-2 hours accessing your home starting with the exterior through the interior of your home.  You will be given a detailed report of suggestions and recommendations for improvements to prepare your home to sell successfully.  Curb appeal, furniture arrangement and flow, lighting, color , decluttering and organization will be addressed to get your home ready to be listed.  You can decide to do it yourself or Upstage Interiors can do it all for you.


HALF AND FULL DAY HOME STAGING:  Depending on your homes needs and size, Upstage Interiors will transform your home creating  luxurious, welcoming and desirable spaces for your buyer demographic.   We will highlight the beautiful selling features of your home and minimize the less desirable points through furniture arrangement, restyling accessories and color enhancements. We will provide you with  before and after shots focusing on getting that MLS "money shot" for your listing and the real estate market.

FOLLOW UP MARKET READY DAY:  This is a 1-2 hour visit following the initial consultation for a seller who has done all the recommended improvements on their own but needs an expert eye for any last minute details, such as decor and accessory arrangement so the home is ready for the MLS photo day and the real estate market.


OPEN HOUSE STAGING DAY:  Upstage Interiors will come a day or two before your open house and  add extra special finishing touches to your home to create an inspired lifestyle for your buyer.  We will first work with what you already own or suggest investment pieces to enhance the sale of your home.


PERSONAL SHOPPER:   No time to shop for updated accessories and furniture to transform your home?  Upstage Interiors will take the stress away of shopping by sourcing authentic and special pieces  that will create an inspired lifestyle for your buyer demographic.