It’s amazing what a change in paint color can do to give your home a new lease of life.

Wall color is one of the first things anyone notices when they enter a room.  It sets a tone and mood, highlights both positive architectural features and camouflages dated decor in a home.  With my color experience and an objective eye, I will access your home and choose the right color palette to create a luxurious and desired space to either prepare your home to sell quickly or to enjoy for many years based on your needs and lifestyle.

Walk Through Consultation:
This entails 1-2 hours accessing your home starting with the exterior through the interior of your home.  I will develop a palette that will work with your existing décor and furnishings that will give your home a new and refreshed look.  I will present you with a detailed report along with color swatches and finishes that you can use to create your homes color transformation.  You can decide to do it yourself or Upstage Interiors can do it for you.